Every purchase contribute to the development of a NEW GAME!

Help shape the industry we all love!

Get awesome games & support independent development
The concept
Loodoo Store is digital store project but it's also something else...

We are gamers ourselves and as most gamers that are passionate about this industry we have a lot of respect for independent game projects, we believe that this is what brings creativity to the industry.

Support new games development

Part of the money you spend buying games with us will be used to support new games to be developed. The community will hold the key to the vault and help select the game projects to be backed up financially.

Anyone can participate!

Anyone can participate, independent developers, newcomers and industry vets that have a great independent game project in mind. We want to help them all.

Community's benefits

How it works

We want to make it something special and all around support the development of new games and independent developers.

We aim to offer a great selection of games and will constantly update our store! New releases, classics, indies, all of it on Loodoo Store.

With your support we will fund new games! All based on your choice! You can help us choose the game projects you want to bring to life.

You have your favored platform already? Go for it! Get the access code and download it in there!

" The more people support the cause, the more games can be funded "

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