Every purchase contribute to the development of a NEW GAME!

Welcome to Loodoo Store!

Loodoo Store is your new digital distribution platform, a place where you can have access to great games, anywhere, anytime! About us
We love games! We really do!! and we want to do something different... Part of your purchase will go to a found to develop the industry. We are going to use the money to support new developers and game projects, based on your choice!

Loodoo phonetics comes from the Latin word “Ludus” which refers to a whole range of fun things, including games! That’s what we are all about! Loodoo Store is a place where you can buy your games and access them anywhere, any time, a digital store. But more then that, we love games and we have a passion for this industry! … a not so uncommon story…
Then, we had an idea! What if we created a way to help people bring their game ideas to life? We know that there are a lot of talents out there! People that love games as much as we do, people that wish to be part of this culture… people with great ideas, awesome stories to tell, but never had the chance to do it… we want to help them give their first step!

Part of Loodoo Store income will go to a fund that will be used to support these kind projects. Do you have a great idea for a game? Submit your project for financing!

Loodoo Community will hold the key to the vault, and will support the choosing of games they wish to see brought to life!

By buying your games at Loodoo Store, you help to develop the industry you love as much as ourselves. We are not just a regular store: Loodoo is a product of passion. Let’s spread the love!